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Loaf Cake (Lemon Basil/Carrot Cake)


The "Signature" cake of Flourish Pastries is all of goodness and healthy. Made from wholesome ingredients such as olive oil, fresh lemon, yoghurt and basil. The cake is top with a zesty and tangy inviting icing.

Who can resist the classic carrot cake? Beneath this unpretentious loaf lies the moist, mildly spiced cake that is flecked with carrots and raisins. Of course there are always debate whether the authentic carrot cake has raisins or not, pineapple is a no no or should walnut be included..... well, we did it the way all our customers love which is no pineapple but with raisins. For walnut most wanted it excluded. So this is it for the time being until over-ruled. Till then, enjoy!

Comes in loaf of 9cm x 19cm 

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