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Bring back the Tarts PLUS give us MuffCakes!

Yes, we heard you. Bringing back the tarts on. Here we go for the super classic French Lemon Tart and some other seasonal tarts. When we are not job coaching the special needs youth, we have some time for it. So, pardon us when we are out of stock! 

What and Why MuffCake?

We do love Muffins, We love Cup Cakes too.

[BUT] how about combining the down to earth flavours of muffin but the texture of cup cake minus the heavily laiden frosting. Essentially its the in between of a muffin and a cup cake.

[AND] most importantly, something that is manageable by our beneficiaries; special needs youth, that is not too challenging to bake and is totally achievable.

Perfect for your gathering, office meeting or simply to enjoy a great breakie or afternoon tea. For MuffCakes, drop us a note via contact us. They are at $1.50 each only.